Monday, July 7, 2008

White Breasted Waterhen

I was sitting and following this White Breasted Waterhen with my camera and the shy bird busy hunting came close to me unaware of my presence, which gave me a opportunity to get a close up of the bird.
The bird is generally found in marshes which have overgrown rushes, this quiet bird becomes noisy and active in monsoons. As low lying areas get waterlogged the bird finds new avenues to hunt for food and when food is plentiful its time for it to breed and lays 6-7 pinkish white eggs.
The bird feeds on insects, molluscs, grain and shoots of paddy and marsh plants.
Photographed at Lalbagh lake in Bangalore


  1. Hey Delson, you are doing a great job. Nice photos. I also enjoy reading your commentary and how you got the shots.
    - Fr. Luke sj

  2. Thank you Fr. Luke for your encouraging words.

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