Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Loten's Sunbird

The upper photograph is a female Loten's Sunbird while the lower one is the male. I had posted the sunbirds a few posts earlier, but this is the closest that I have come so far.As you can see in the first photograph the bird usually feeds on nectar, but may also occasionally feast on insects.
The male bird in the second photograph is actually sitting on the rear view mirror of a vehicle and was a few moments earlier trying to peck its own reflection on the mirror.

Common Tailorbird

A few post prior, I had said that I would try to get a better photograph of the tailor bird than the one I had posted there. Today I came a little more closer to this small bird, spotted it on my neighbors TV antenna.
f/4.5 1.7x telephoto

Friday, May 23, 2008

Male Koel

After a post many months ago featuring the Female Asian Koel, I managed to spot the Male Asian Koel. The female is easy to identify as she is heavily spotted. The bird is notorious for its habit of laying its solitary egg in nests of other birds, especially the crow.

Both the photographs were taken from the same distance and from the same place, I have used a telephoto attachment for the first Photograph.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Common Tailorbird

A common tailor bird carries a few strands of hair or fiber, probably to sew its nest. Photographed this from a long distance, with a telephoto lense. Not the best photograph, but will try to get a close up soon.
The Birds elongated pointed tail is constantly lifted up and is generally found in vegetation foraging for insects.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Indian Pond Heron

An Indian pond Heron in breeding plumage. Unknown to me I was actually standing at this herons hunting spot and clicking its picture, the bird patiently waited for me and once I moved from the spot, it swiftly came down and went about fishing.

Birds in Love

It is said that, when two people love each other, one unconsciously tries to imitate the actions of the other. If you ever wondered if its applicable to the animal kingdom too, then these photographs are ample proof. The first 3 photographs are of a bulbul couple and the last one are a pair of Myna.