Sunday, July 13, 2008

Median Egret

The previous post featured a Little Egret; the one in this post is a slightly larger cousin of the same bird, aptly called the 'Median Egret'. It is difficult to distinguish between the two birds except for their size. If you notice, in the previous post of the little Egret, it has partly black and yellow coloured feet while the median Egret has an all black feet (not visible in this photograph).
During the breeding season, filamentous plumes appear on the back as well as on the breast of the bird. It is commonly found in swamps , estuaries and other water bodies which is also a habitat to fish and frogs.

I have been posting birds for many weeks now, inorder to break the monotony, I have decided to feature 'butterflies' for the next week. Will call it my 'butterfly week' so as to maintain a balance between all species of creatures on this blog. Also planning a big animal week after that (elephants, tigers etc).
Awaiting all your comments.


  1. Not sure of the name. In The Southern US, we have a Great White Egret that has all black legs and a yellow beak. This bird has a dull black beak? great shot.

    BTW, I recent purchased a field guide for birds; otherwise, I would have no clue! (;

  2. We have a fairly large egret that frequently hunts the pond near my house. I haven't managed to get a picture yet though