Friday, July 25, 2008

Common Emigrant Butterfly

This will be my last post for the butterfly week series. Hereafter, I am not sure if I will continue with the birds or start with the animals. Butterflies will always keep popping up now and then, they are too beautiful to let go.
The Photograph is of a common Emigrant Butterfly, scientifically called ' Catopsilia crocale '. It is another commonly found butterfly in India and called Emigrant because of its strong migratory habits.
I have been asked by many, as to what is the difference between a moth and a butterfly. Some would say, butterflies are more colourful than moths or the moths are the less attractive cousins of the butterflies. But, there are many moths which are very attractive and many seemingly dull looking butterflies.
The major differences are : Butterflies are diurnals - daytime fliers, whereas great majority of moths are nocturnal fliers. While resting a butterfly's wings are usually held together upwards towards the back of the body, whereas the moths will fold their wings flat across their body; the hind wing tucked beneath the forewing. The fore and hind wings of a moth are coupled together with special bristles on the hindwing; butterflies lack this. Butterflies have slender antennae clubbed at the ends, moths lack this clubbing capability and may have feathered antannae.

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