Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Egret

For the second time 'little egret' is featured on my blog; for two reasons. One being, I managed to photograph the egret in midflight. Its generally difficult to freeze a bird midair, especially with a compact camera. The lighting has to be adequate and requires quick focusing.
The other reason is visible in the second photograph which was particularly posted to highlight our apathy towards our beautiful environment. The beauty of this bird is severely marred by the garbage around it; mostly plastics. Just think, if a photograph can be scarred with one plastic bag, what about nature and the hundreds of items we dump into it!
Both the photographs here feature the same bird; doesn't the absence of garbage give so much more serenity to the first photograph? Today, if the lakes are not being reclaimed, then they are being polluted with garbag; very few are left untouched. It's time we help ourselves keep our nation clean and green.


  1. This Is Very Nice...
    Makes Us Realise How Careless We Are...
    Keep It Up
    Save The Environment!!!

  2. We call those Snowy Egrets (black legs and yellow feet). I am doing better with capturing shots while in flight. Isn't it sad that one cannot take a nice shot without pollution?

  3. Bad luck mate the picture was too cool......but for that sucker plastic ....grrrr