Friday, June 27, 2008

Black Crowned Night Heron

Very close to my house in Mangalore; on a revered Banyan tree a group of Night Herons have started nest building. This is the first set of images from that location. Will keep visiting the spot for more photographs of this bird.
For some reason these birds build nests on tress, which are close to busy roads in cities. Any one having any explanation please let me know.
Awaiting all your comments.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baya Weaver

Found this colony of Baya Weaver birds at Vasai in Western India. The nests were strongly woven from grass and were shaped like bulbs hanging from a small chord as apparent in the first photograph. Inside the nest runs a partition which divides the spout from the chamber ( in the last photograph; featuring a half constructed nest, this is evident.) in which eggs are laid. The spout helps to keep out the enemies. These birds do not make any attempt to hide their nests as they are built en groups which are built generally on palm trees over water bodies. This particular coconut tree was overhanging a marshland. Only the male bird is visible in these photographs the females lack the yellow crown and resemble a common sparrow. Will try to post a female bird when the opportunity arises.
The male bird builts the nest and invites a female to inspect it, by flapping its wings and calling while the nest is being constructed ( 2nd photograph). If the female approves it then the male will go ahead and complete the nest and the female may assist him in giving the finishing touches.
The male after mating will go on to build more nests are attract more females ( upto 2-3 at a time), while the female incubates the eggs and brings up the brood.

P.s. Please do comment on the photographs; they are very valuable to me.

Monday, June 2, 2008

White Throated Kingfisher

Spotted this beauty on a TV antenna, the sun was facing the camera and creating shadows on the bird. Hence I spot metered the birds dark areas and hence to get the details of the birds had to overexpose the sky.
This is the most common of the kingfisher here in coastal Karnataka. During flight a white patch is visible in its blue wings and looks very pretty in flight.

f/4.5 , 1.7x telephoto , spot metering


Continuing my series on the tailorbird, the bird has now become so used to my camera, that it let me come closer than ever before. The bird was singing away to glory, competing with another tailor bird, probably marking its territory with its chirp.

f/4.5 ; 1.7x telephoto ; WB cloudy