Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Common Castor Butterfly

In one of the earlier post's, I made a mention that the lemon butterfly got its name because of its love for the citrus plant; now any idea why is this one called 'Common Castor'?
Yes, its because the larvae of this butterfly feed exclusively on Castor leaves. The butterfly closely resembles the 'Angled Castor', with the difference that the former has lighter lines.
Scientifically called ' Ariadne merione '; the wavy brown lines on top appear as broad bands below the underside. It is very graceful and loves to glide through air, a photographer's delight maybe.
What do you have to say ? Please comment.


  1. Good show Delson. You really have a good eye for nature photography. The lines and patterns of the butterfly have been captured so well. Terrific!
    - Fr. Luke sj

  2. hi,
    those are lovely pictures that you have taken.
    i find filming butterflies so tiresome, and i keep getting blank frames, because they keep flying away.
    this is so good.