Sunday, February 1, 2009

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

This female Asian Paradise Flycatcher ( Terpsiphone paradisi) landed on my ship when we were about 100 kms south of Pakistan heading towards India. The male has got a long tail streamer and very pretty to look at.I did not spot the male bird and probably feel one must have drifted on our ship somehow during migration. The bird flew off after spending about 4-5 hours on board.


  1. Hehe! It was on your ship for 4.5 hrs. Definitely looking or paradise :) The second photo is a good one...surprisingly has a colour match with the pipe it is resting on. Maybe a camoflauge or a coincidence?

  2. Amazing Delson. Really surprised that the Paradise Flycatcher reached that far out. Same goes for the hoopoe and Roller. Keep up the interest in birding. It will keep you young and happy.

  3. What an awesome site - I just bookmarked it. Love it