Saturday, January 31, 2009

Indian Roller

This India roller (Coracias benghalensis) landed on my ship off the Gujarat coast, spent the entire morning on board, flying from place to place as I approached it to get a nice close up photograph.
The bird was a very shy one never letting me approach closer than 10-15 mtrs. The bird normally feeds on large sized prey like frogs and lizards. Once it has captured them it goes back to its perch and batters them to death. Other than the colour another interesting aspect of the roller is its courtship display, which includes some complex acrobatics and diving tricks.
The bird id found throughout the Indian Subcontinent.


  1. These birds are amazing...and you can see all their colors! How do you manage to capture them so close?

  2. Beautiful captures of a gorgeous bird Delson! I would love to see one of those Indian Rollers in person.

  3. Was this quite far off the coast? If so it could be an indication of migration.