Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Cormorant

At Srirangapatna near Mysore is a place called Sangama, where the river Cauvery which had split into two branches a few kilometers earlier meet again. These Large Cormorants were photographed there.
In one of my earlier Posts I had featured a Juvenile Great Cormorant, this time I managed to get a grownup bird. This is a widly distributed species of Cormorant and it's range is so wide that, yesterday I saw this Bird at Hyde Park, in London (I'm on a months holiday here) and was presently surprised to see the same. The british here call it the European Cormorant and seemed to be well adapted to the Cold english weather.
These Cormorants are used by Chinese fishermen (Even some Japanese and Macedonian) to do what is called Cormorant Fishing. The neck of a trained Cormorant is tied with a string, such that it cannot swallow big fish ( it can however swallow smaller fishes) and the cormorant returns back to the Fisherman with the fish stuck in its throat and the fisherman has the bird spit the fish out. The practice is today not done on a commercial scale like before but only done to amuse tourist.
Camera : Sony A-350 , 200mm , f/4.5

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