Monday, February 23, 2009

Asian Open Bill Stork

Photographed these birds at Ranganthittu. If you observe closely you will notice that the beak is slightly open when the beak is closed, hence the name. Like other storks, this bird too flies with its neck stretched, like you can see in this Image. These were nesting birds and many nests had just hatched chicks in them.The bird feeds on mollusc's frogs and insects.


  1. cool blog and nice pictures, what kind of camera do you use? i have become one of your followers, come check out blog, thanks.


  2. This has been spotlighted on my blog. Thanks for a great post! These are some really fantastic photos -- I especially like the close up in the center.

  3. I love the pictures, great quality!
    Also I love your blog.
    Never saw most of the birds on your blog, so I will certainly keep my eye on this blog!

  4. Wow!I love how you take pictures.I bet you really love taking pictures.
    Take Care!More Powers!

  5. great shots. I came across them while uploading a post on the asian openbill!