Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flying Fish

In the previous post I had featured red footed booby, which were hunting for flying fish. I did manage to photograph a few of these flying fish too.
There are about 50 species of these flying fish and managed to capture two of them. Their blue colour camouflages well with sea and hence the autofocus of my camera really struggled to lock on to the fish. The fish take short flights with the aid of their pectoral fins to escape from the predators underwater and many times get caught in mid air by waiting birds .
Trying to photograph these fish I did learn a few things that may help you if you have a chance to photograph these fish.
1. They can randomly pop up from any place but there will be one area where the frequency is more.
2. Fish that come out of water against the wind stay airborne for shorter time, hence keep an eye on wind direction and track fish that will come out of water with the wind assisting them. You will have much more time to focus.
3. The fish don't change course mid way and fly in straight line.
4. Its better if the sea is calm with little or no swell, autofocus works better and it is easier to spot the fish in calmer waters.

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