Saturday, March 21, 2009

Painted Stork

I Have not posted for about two weeks now on this blog since I was occupied with updating my travel stories on Lush Green .
Will start from earnest again; These photographs of Painted Storks ( Mycteria leucocephala) were clicked at Rangantittu in February.
The birds were nesting and from a distance it seemed like the tree was cluttered with orange bulbs and only on a closer look could one savor the full beauty of this majestic bird. These birds are found in colonies and 10-20 of them may share a tree. These birds also share space with other storks, ibises,pelicans, egrets and cormorants. If not hunting for fish, frogs or snake they spend the day standing hunched up unless during nesting time, when it is busy collecting leaves and straws to build a nest, which look like a platform with a depression.
The bird in the 3rd photograph is collecting leaves for its nest and in the first photograph the birds are standing besides their nest, most of them had hatched chicks and were busy feeding them.
Camera: Sony A350, 200mm lens, ISO 100 , f/5.6 ( aperture priority + spot metering)


  1. Excellent shots. looking forward to more of the same.

  2. Great captures of the Painted Storks Delson! I really like the in flight shots. Thanks for the great information too. You have such gorgeous, brightly colored birds over there!

  3. Hi Dear,

    I must appreciate the pics. In fact for the past few months i am also following this bird. Your pics give me some boost.