Thursday, April 23, 2009

Egyptian Goose

The Egyptian Goose ( Alopochen aegyptiacus) is a African bird which was introduced into Britain and is today commonly found in most of its parks.
The bird was sacred to the ancient Egyptian and I spotted it at Diana memorial in London.
Because of the distinctive brown eye patch this goose is easy to identify.
If you notice the photograph closely you can see that the body of the bird is come sharper than the face, this is because, I focused on the body, instead of the face ( The head was bobbing while the body was steady making it a easier target) a fundamental error, but I was helpless, the bird flew as soon as it spotted me.
Sony A350 , 200mm lens, f/4.5


  1. Yep they are from Africa these birds are very common here I have pics of the babies which are very cute great shot :)

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  3. No probs! your pain in capturing it paid of! Cheers to your photography talent!