Thursday, April 30, 2009

Common Coot

This slaty dark bird, the size of a hen is called the Eurasian Coot in England and Common coot in India ( Fulica atra). The bird is entirely blackish grey with a highly contrasting white shield on the face. Their population in India swells up during winters, when birds from central Asia and west Asia migrate and land up here.
The bird is a reluctant flier and if it has to fly a short distance with skitter along the water half running half flying. The bird is eaten in some parts of India thought westerners may not like the fishy taste and not hunted for this reason.
The sun had set when I was photographing this and I was not able to get a good exposure the get the details around the eye, the dark colour too did not help. ISO: 400

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  1. Is shooting them usually the first resort and are there other ways to handle coots other than killing them even though some people seem 2 think they are a terrible nuisance. Can u give me other instances of coot shootings on golf courses and other personal and public property and opinions on how killing them is a nessecity as opposed 2 other good solid means to handle the situation without killing them. I just wanna know if coot shootings are pretty common, are the shootings justifiable, what region in the United States do most coot shootings occur, and other proven solid ways to handle the coots other than shooting them.