Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Common Pochard - Female

My previous post was on the same bird, but this Pochard is a female. The females have a rufous brown head but this one had a more or less reddish hue to it. Like I mentioned previously though this bird is found in India, this one was photographed in London. They are found abundantly in the North of India but very sparse in the south.

Metering : Most of the cameras today have 3 modes of metering - Spot ,centre Averaged spot and matrix metering. The spot meter takes into consideration just the centre of the frame to determine exposure. The Centre averaged gives maximum weight to the central 40 to 60 percent, while matrix metering , measures each section of the frame individually, eliminates those sectors that are difficult to judge, compares the image to its on board reference images and arrives at a exposure level.When I photograph Wildlife, I mostly use Spot metering or Centre Averaged spot metering. My intention is to get the subject properly exposed for all its details. The background comes next. The Sony A350 I use has an additional feature of D-range optimization, which is very handy when photographing subjects with well lit background. The camera determines such scenes and brings out details in the shadows.

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  1. This one is soo cute! She has given you the best pose ever!