Friday, April 17, 2009

Canada Goose

Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) is the most familiar and common of all goose. The bird is basically an American one and was introduced in Britain about 300 years ago and is today found all over UK. The bird easily approached me and was happy to eat bread when I hand fed it. It was a first time experience to feed a bird and the snapping beak does hurt, even though they have no teeth.
This one is not found in India, unlike other birds that I had mentioned earlier.

For this Photograph I tried to meter and focus on the bright part of the beak, which has a tiny water droplet, I wanted that drop to be in sharp focus.
Sony A350; 200mm , f/4.5, ISO 100


  1. Your focus was perfect =) We've been watching the Canada Geese gather at a lake that we drive by each day, and are excited to go shoot a few photos of our own. Doubt we'll get that close, though!

  2. Wonderful photo ... and I love the way you captured that water droplet.

    I've been browsing this site as well as your other blogs ... your photography is great! I especially like this blog, however ... animals are a favorite subject of mine!

    Thank you for stopping by Reduce Footprints and leaving a comment ... I look forward to seeing you there again! I'm going to follow this blog!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  3. What a gorgeous photo! We've got a goose that lives down at the docks here year round. I think he thinks he's taking care of the ducks. I've tried to get photos of him, but never in a million years could I have something like what you do. Your photos are gorgeous.

  4. Keep it up Delson. Your photos are a joy to behold!
    - Fr. Luke

  5. This one is really beautiful! You are really lucky to enjoy interacting with it!