Thursday, January 29, 2009

Common Hoopoe

This Hoopoe (Upupa epops) was Photographed about 200 kms off Gujarat coast and it made me wonder what was it doing so far away from land. The first photograph was clicked when the bird was trying to catch something off the water, just like a seagull, something very unusual for a Hoopoe. I wonder if any one could explain this unusual behavior. The standard diet of a Hoopoe includes Insects, grubs and pupae. It digs out its food from the ground by using its slightly open beak like a forecep.
When the bird digs the crest is folded back and projects into a point as photographed above, time to time it opens it like a fan and it a beauty to watch.
The first photograph is one of my favourite and was clicked as i was panning the bird standing on the ship side and the bird was skimming the sea surface.


  1. well done,very nice photos.Awaiting to see more such wonders of nature captured by your camera

  2. Love the bottom picture



  3. This is great! I have heard of the hoopoe, but didn't know what it looked like. Beautiful pictures.

  4. That last photo is incredible, Delson. A rare angle for a Hoopoe, isn't it?

  5. That picture of a Hoopoe in flight,reminds me of the one I see flying over the creeek to Vange Wick from Pitsea,in Essex,in April 1994.

    It was my first and only sighting so far,and remember being very excited.