Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alexandrine Parakeet

Its been quite some time since my last posting, I was sailing on the high seas on a tanker and hence without any net access. During this time I did manage to Photograph a lot of birds and marine life, which I will start regularly posting from today. As before I will be posting on every odd date on this blog and the even dates are reserved for my other photography blogs.
On the day I was suppose to join this ship, I got a days halt at Mumbai and I used the opportunity to visit Hanging gardens (A park in South Mumbai) where I saw a colony of these Alexandrine Parakeets (Psittacula eupatria). The distinctive feature of the bird is its maroon patch on each shoulder. The one photographed above is a female the males have a rose-pink and black collar  around their neck. The birds were very noisy and the entire park was filled with their chatter.


  1. Attaboy Delson. Great to hear from you again. You have captured the shoulder patch well in the first photo.
    - Fr. Luke sj

  2. the capture is good. parkit I call it in my country. There is red parakeet too.

  3. very beautiful, I liked the pose of the parakeet very much..keep cliking..keep posting..

  4. I too have one; yet to know whether it's a male or a female. the picture you clicked is very beautiful. so plz keep clicking and sharing... :)