Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Royal Bengal Tiger

Yesterday I had read reports that less than 1500 of these magnificent creatures survive in India today and the animal is severely endangered. Today a local daily in Mangalore carried reports of 5 people being arrested with tiger and leopard skins. Saddened by this I decided to make a post on the tiger and dedicate todays post to the Bengal Tiger.
The tiger is not only a beautiful animal it is also the worlds most favorite animal, In a poll conducted by animal planet in 73 countries the tiger was the favorite animal followed by the dog. Although there are lots of tigers in captivity today, many more than in the wild, the genetic diversity of future generations will tend to be poor and will have a extremely small gene pool. So not only for global warming but for the sake of our favorite animal we need to save our forests.
About the Photograph:
For many on a first glance the first photograph may appear to have been poorly framed, lots of space in the right of the photograph, only three fourth of the tiger being visible and a slight blur or the legs.
The very Idea of this framing is to give the photograph a sense of movement, the empty area in front of the tiger, and the slight blur of the tigers front legs, all help in giving the photograph a sense of motion. The idea being, whatever part of the tiger is out of frame (in this case almost 1/3rd) similar area is left blank in the direction of movement, as if to appear that it will be filled up any moment.

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