Friday, November 2, 2007

Golden Jackal

This is the only species of Jackal to be found outside Africa. Golden jackals play an important scavanging role by eating garbage and animal carrion around towns and villages. They benefit agriculture by preventing increases in the number of rodents. Golden jackals that are hand-raised can be tamed and kept in houses. They become housebroken and behave much like a domesticated dog, except that they remain shy around strange people and will not allow themselves to be petted by them.
When looked straight on like in the lower photograph, many people can mistake a jackal for a dog. Since It is believed that a Jackals sense of smell is superior than a dog, the chief breeder for Aeroflot airline security, came up with a hybrid between a Siberian Husky and a Golden Jackal and is called the Sulimov Dog.
In the first photograph, a slight camera shake is evident, this inspite of using a tripod. It can happen that the process of pressing the shutter release button may cause a vibration, which becomes apparent especially while using telephoto lens and slow shutter speed. I usually use a 2 sec self-timer when using the camera in telephoto, but here I failed to do it and had to make do with a poor photograph.

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  1. Hi!

    I think, both of your photos are nice. Thanks for posting them!

    If you want to avoid blur without using the self-timer, why not use a remote release? Also, which shutter speed did you use?

    I don't know, which camera system you are using. For my Canon system, I use the TC 80N3, which also includes timer capabilities.

    All the Best,

    René C. Kiesler