Saturday, November 3, 2007

Indian Peacock

I remember the time, probably 15 years ago, when peacock population was abundant in the outskirts of Mangalore and it was easy to find the feathers strewed around the hills of the city and spotting a bird was easy as spotting a crow. Today in spite of the bird being protected under Schedule I of the wildlife act, the bird sitings have become very rare, mostly because of habitat loss and poaching for meat.
Though its meat is tough and not well-suited for consumption, it was prized due to being a luxury and was often served at banquets as a subtlety. This was usually done by skinning the bird, cooking, grinding up and seasoning the flesh, and then redressing it in its own plumage and serving it in a lifelike pose by bracing it with wooden struts. It was also common to discard the meat and stuff the colorful plumage with the meat of other domestic fowl's such as chicken .
I wanted to come closer to the bird to frame it better, but as I approached her, she vanished in the nearby woods.
Photograph details: 1/60 sec , f/4.5

P.S. : I originally thought it was a Peahen- Now I stand corrected , It is a Peacock which has shed its train. Thank you 'Tsinitoboy' for pointing that out. Wish you had given me your contact, I would have personally thanked you for that.

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  1. I believe this is a peacock that has moulted its train, note the iridescent blue color and the barred back feathers. Indian peahens have white rimmed iridescent green neck feathers.