Saturday, November 3, 2007

Leopards Mating

I was very lucky to be able to photograph these mating Leopards. The tree stump in the foreground did create lots of problem in getting a good angle and clear view to frame the photograph. But then that's nature, which gives wildlife photography its own charm.
Between the sexes, the male leopard is slightly larger and considerably heavier than the female. The average male leopard weighs 63.1 kg, while the average female weighs 37.2 kg.
Like other felines, a female leopard when mating lays flat on the ground on her belly in a position called lordosis, and presents her rear end to the male, which he sniffs to determine if she is receptive. During mating, the male lightly grasps the female on the back of the neck with his teeth. The female responds to this with a low grumble during the entire mating session. The male Leopards penis have tiny backwards facing spines, which are found only in the cat family. They are believed to provide stimulation for ovulation. The act of copulation itself lasts only a minute or two at most, which makes sitings like this all the more rare.

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