Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stork Billed Kingfisher

Whenever we have a chance my wife and I used to visit a small brook close to our house. This brook was a hunting spot for atleast three species of Kingfishers. But last month when we visited the place, it was sad to see the brook being bunded and diverted- this has made the fish disappear and we did not spot any kingfishers too.

We spotted this bird, perched on the wire for more than half an hour apparently doing nothing. Then in a moments notice, it suddenly dived and came out with this catch. It did not swallow the catch, but rater flew away with it. This bird actually belongs to the tree kingfisher family, and catching fish is not its forte. It prefers reptiles and small mammals.

A beautiful bird to watch and my wife and I had a lovely time just watching this miracle of nature do its everyday work.