Monday, September 23, 2013

Rose Ringed Parakeet

Ma had grown eight corn plants in her small vegetable plot. The corn were growing well and were a few days away from harvest. One day she found a few of the cobs neatly peeled and all the corn gone. She wondered who the thieves were; the usual suspects were the squirrels. The next day, a few more corn cobs were cleaned neatly and the saga continued for a few more days. She then handed over the investigation of the corn robbers to me. The thieves turned out to be so pretty, that I did not have the heart to chase them off. The day I clicked these photographs, they were feeding on the last corn of ma's garden.

Rose ringed Parakeet; why you eat my corn ?? ( The above photograph is the Female Parakeet- the ring is missing in the ladies)

An innocent bystander, this one visits our home in Mangalore everyday.