Thursday, August 1, 2013

White Rumped Munia

We are halfway into the monsoon season. The country side is lush green and the wildlife looks hale and hearty. I was taking a stroll in our backyard, when I came across six Munias, foraging among some wildly grown Balsam plants, feeding on grass seeds. A small section of our backyard is left unweeded and provides a good hunting ground for these Munia's
The bird is a cousin of the waxbill's and certain finches.
It's my practice to carry my Camera with 400mm lens, while walking in our backyard. I never know what interesting life form will pop-up right before my eyes. In this case, the light condition were less than ambient. I went down on my haunches, and used my knees as camera support. It was quite difficult to stay still in such a awkward position for long, but I managed to stay down long enough to get a few lovely snaps.

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  1. He is building a nest in the Ashoka tree in the front yard! He gracefully flies across the yard to carry his pieces of building material, hard and soft, one at a time!