Tuesday, August 27, 2013

White Breasted Kingfisher

This White breasted Kingfisher, is a resident bird in our backyard. We have named him Beaky. This year beaky managed to find a partner for himself and we have two Kingfishers in our yard now, and its hard to quickly tell them apart. 

They already seem to have built a nest in our well and now we are looking forward for upcoming junior Beaky's

For a longtime I wrongly assumed that kingfishers only ate fish- they eat a lot of other delicacies too. I have spotted Beaky with worms, frogs, small lizards and some other unidentifiable creatures that did not look like fish in any way.

During his bachelor days Beaky used to follow me when I went about photographing birds in our yard. One day I heard Beaky, give a very different kind of cry. On looking around I spotted a dog, and realised Beaky was warning me about the presence of an intruder.

The bird is also called white throated kingfisher or Smyrna Kingfisher and is a tree kingfisher of the family Halcyonidae

All Photographs clicked on Canon 7D - 100-400mm lens with wide open aperture. 

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