Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crimson Sunbird

Dear regular readers, it has been ages since I updated this blog. A lot of changes have happened in the intervening years. I got married- changed my camera system from Sony to Canon and developed interest in conservation as well. I will endeavor to keep the posts flowing regularly from now on.
Today's post features a Crimson Sunbird. The most colourful of the sunbirds that visit our home. There are more than a couple of sub-species, of this beautiful bird in India. This male regularly visits in the morning for his dose of nectar from the flowers that you can see in the photographs. I have planted 3 such plants and all seem to be doing well.
It was about 10 in the morning, there was a cold breeze blowing, lush green all around and I was having a lovely time speaking with my wife. It seemed nothing would make me move from my perch- that is until the sunbird came fluttering around. As if by instinct, I just disappeared and appeared with my camera gear. The next thing that my wife could hear was the sound of clicking shutters. Looks like she has now got used to this routine now.
P.S. - Wife say's she hasn't got used to it yet.. 


  1. Beautiful capture!
    I have seen the purple ones here.
    Wish you a happy married life and happy clicking!

  2. Thank you Indrani for your words and wishes.

  3. WOW! You certainly do justice to the time that you spend away from me! Our regular morning visitor captured with such eagerness and love!