Sunday, May 25, 2014

Indian Giant Squirrel

From the birds, time to take a detour to a mammal- this time a Squirrel.
Before I encountered this Indian Giant Squirrel ( Ratufa indica), I always believed that it was a very shy creature. Somehow the squirrel, was never bothered with my presence and I managed to get such wonderful captures, that it was a challenge to select the most prettiest of the lot. There was a leaping, sleeping, eating and fighting squirrel and I chose the most calm looking one's. This arboreal mammal, spent most of its time eating- well, that is what I saw it doing most of the time. Munching and munching on lots and lots of berries.

Apparently, there is quite a raging controversy on classification of this species. Taxonomist are unsure, if to keep this squirrel to one species or to divide it into sub species - and anything from two to eight sub species are being proposed. Probably, genetic studies can resolve the dilemma in the future.
Whatever the issue, I had a jolly good time watching and spending time with this adorable chap!

Spotted at Ganeshgudi, Karnataka.

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