Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heart Spotted Woodpecker

I was lucky to spot this Heart spotted Woodpecker ( Hemicircus canente) , since it was well camouflaged in the trees. But once I spent quite some time close to it, it got accustomed to my presence and went about merrily doing its drilling job. If you closely notice the spots, some of them look like little hearts, and probably is a no brainer why it was named so.
The bird is found in Eastern and western ghats, and hill of NE India. In the field the crest was quite prominent and can be used to identify the bird at a glance. The featured bird is a female. Spotted at Ganeshgudi in Karnataka ( pun unintended )


  1. Beautiful images of the Heart spotted Woodpecker.

  2. Wow! Lucky you and lucky me! :) Thanks for the info :)

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