Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mottled Emigrant

The thirty fourth butterfly in the series " Butterfly from my garden" is the Mottled Emigrant ( Catopsilia pyranthe )

The butterfly is called an Emigrant, because of its strong tendency to migrate. These butterflies deposit  their eggs on plants, which the caterpillar will eventually feed. The butterfly chooses such a plant by 'tasting' them with her feet. Spines on the females feet, pierce the leaf surface and release tiny quantity of chemicals. These chemicals then aid the butterfly to identify its food plant.
The cassia plants are the emigrants favourite plant.


  1. Lovely capture! Interesting facts! Heard about the Mexican butterflies. What about Emigrant?

  2. Thank you Sindhu and Bob. Sindhu, since Delson is away sailing, he will only be able to revert about six months later.