Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Common Wanderer

If you see the butterfly featured on October 7th, The Dark Wanderer , you will see a striking resemblance to today's butterfly- The Common Wanderer ( Pereronia valeria )

Both the male and the female Common Wanderer are featured in the photograph. The female is perched on the flower, while the male, although appears perched is actually in flight.
Both these butterflies had come to our Ixora plant and it was a pleasure watching the male trying to impress upon the female, with his acrobatic flying tricks. It indeed had quite some tricks up it butterfly sleeves.

Like I mentioned above, the Common wanderer, looks similar to the Dark Wanderer in field. The male Dark Wanderer had broad wing margins, which are often unspotted, when compared to the Common Wanderer.
The female mimics the Blue Tiger. 

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