Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Common Grass Yellow

The seventh butterfly in the series is the Common Grass Yellow ( Eurema hecabe). This is the most abundant of all butterflies in our garden. You can look anywhere and you will notice one of these. 

Since the butterfly is quite a busy one, constantly changing flowers; I felt it was the perfect subject for an inflight poise. So I found a bush which was well frequented by the yellow and kept following one of the butterfly. After more that 100 attempts and 1 hour of trying I managed to click the above photograph. Does it not look like a tiny fairy from one of Enid Blyton's stories ?


  1. Sir.... These r d ones, I used to catch... In My childhood.... Dey r easiest to catch....
    But I regret now... Doing tat... Might hv killed dem... :-(

  2. Wow your persistence did pay off! Fabulous captures :) and I love this species, sadly very few of them are visible these days!

  3. Very cute. You waited 1 hour, well, it was worth it.