Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Common Albatross

Inspired by the book "Butterflies on the roof of the world"  by Peter Smetacek, Ma, Wife and I decided to plant butterfly friendly plants in our backyard. We wanted to make our own mini butterfly garden. From today, I will be posting all the lovely butterflies that visit our garden. I don't how successful I will be in this endeavour, considering my holiday's are nearly over. I hope to get at least 15 species and hope you all enjoy the posts. Also a special thanks to Peter for a book, that opened up a window for me, into another pretty world.  

The above butterfly is not from our garden, this one infact does not even like sea level altitudes. This butterfly called the Common Albatross (Appias albina) was spotted in the hills of Coorg. I was plucking leeches from my feet, when the beauty gently landed nearby. I was confused between plucking leeches and photographing the beauty- I decided to do the latter and a few seconds later it disappeared.
I have been partial to the birds on this blog for a long time now- time for the butterflies to take the limelight.

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