Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pied Starling

f/5.4 , ISO 400 , 1/320 sec

f/5.4 , ISO 100 , 1/640 sec

Spotted these colourful Pied Starlings (Gracupica contra) around the Palm Beach road in Navi Mumbai. This noisy, colourful and hyper active group of birds were all around me. This bird also called the Pied Myna, is found all around India and especially around human habitations and wetlands.
The images above were clicked with a 300mm lens, and I certainly felt a dire need of a longer lens. Unfortunately Sony is not marketing its 400mm lens in India and its Tele-convertors cannot be used on my 300mm lens. Hence regrettably I have decided to change my camera system and the decision has been fortified after this shooting session. Sony has a lovely camera and lens system, but it seems like it's not meant for wildlife enthusiast and leaves a lot to be desired.


  1. I didnt realise that u were on a Sony dslr system too. Its a pity that you`ve decided to move to another system. I use a Sony too and the scarcity of lenses and accessories in India are annoying, but for the moment im quite happy with my 5Minolta 500mm f8 reflex lens.have u tried one of these? what about Sigma and Tamron lenses (50-500, 150-500, 200-500mms)

  2. Hi,Like you rightly said the lack of accessories is certainly annoying.
    The reflex lens is good but got 2 major problems. Cannot use tele-converter lens and f/8 makes it a slow lens for wildlife photography. Also Sigma and Tamaron with Sony mounts are not available in India too. I have tried all major dealers in Metros. Sony has told me , that they cannot assure when will the 400mm lens be releases, nor if it ever will be.

  3. Clever little birds, so are these water type birds? I love their markings~