Friday, March 5, 2010

Long Tailed Shrike

While driving off Vajreshwari in Maharastra, with one eye on the road and other on the power cables, I spotted this Long Tailed Shrike (Lanius schach). Also called the Rufous-backed Shrike the bird was preying on insects in the grassland below.
Since this birds claws are unsuitable for tearing prey, they generally impale the prey on a thorn or similar pointed objects and then tear it for eating. Another race of this bird is also found in India and is commonly referred to as the tricolour race.
This photograph was clicked sitting inside the car and the bird did not mind me one bit, but the moment I got out of the vehicle, it just flew off.

Photo details:
f/5.4 , 1/1000 sec , ISO-100


  1. Lovely little chap, love the look in his stance, looks clever and alert~ very nice image!

  2. wonderful picture...the shrike is a beauty, the yellow very fresh

  3. Thank you Mary and Nalini for you lovely comments.