Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cattle Egrets

I have previously featured Cattle Egret ( Bubulcus ibis) on this blog, the reason I am featuring again is because, this time I spotted them in this special plumage of buff orange. This is the birds Breeding plumage. When in non breeding the bird resembles a little egret but in this season it is unmistakable . The bird is called a cattle egret because it is mostly seen with grazing cattle, stalking energetically alongside the animals , running around them and in between their legs, all for seizing insects that are disturbed by the movement of cattle.

Continuing from the previous post.
Mistake no. 6 : Setting up the tripod in a hurry: When photographing birds, the key is to be quite and still. Once you perch at a place, it is important you move very less. Hence it becomes very important to set yourself in a nice vantage point. Importantly keeping in mind the position of the sun and the favourite perching positions of the birds. It has has happened many times that when I get excited seeing a new bird, I just forget all of it and end up chasing away the bird.


  1. Nice photo. Aren't these birds also called paddy birds ?

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  3. He has a broken wing, therefore cannot fly.We have tryed a hav-a-heart trap with no results.He just stays right in our yard our in our neighbor's yard eating grasshoppers, ect.

  4. I know these cattle egrets! They pass through here at a certain time of spring and summer, and sometimes a pasture will be white with them. Then they move along... I don't guess where!

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