Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Whistling Duck

This was one of the most difficult photography assignment for me. I spotted these Whistling ducks in a flooded paddy field and the only way I could come close to them was by wading through knee deep water. As soon as they saw me approaching, they flew off and I had to wait submerged knee deep for the birds to return back.
This Little Whistling duck is pretty easy to recognize as it does not resemble any other duck except for the rare Larger Whistling duck. It rests on flooded waters during daylight and feeds at night, mostly on grain and sometimes, fish and snail. On seeing me, when the birds flew away, they perched on a tree for a while and this was for the first time I saw a duck on a tree and with their webbed feet, they looked pretty clumsy to me.
It is called whistling duck probably because of its call, which sounds like a whistle to me (seesik seesik)


  1. It was not whistling was asking her partner: "seasick? seasick?"

    Good going mate!

  2. I like duck, quack quack hehe
    can you give us more duck picture? and its name of course