Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gold Fronted Chloropsis

A female Gold Fronted Chloropsis; the male has a bright golden forehead, purple and black, chin and throat. The bird is found throughout the sub-continent and hunts for insects and spiders in foliage where its plummage blends perfectly, and hence I almost missed this bird. It was sheer luck that I spotted it, but could not locate the male. It imitates the call of other birds like bulbul, drongo and shrike and again may get passed over on this account. The bird also imitates migratory birds when they are absent and an avid bird watcher might get confused over how one appeared during the wrong season.
Photographed off NH48 near Bantwal (Mangalore)
Sony h-7 ,1.7x telephoto, f/8, spot metering

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