Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Australian Raven

It has been raining since we arrived at Sydney. Not an ideal weather for birding, so we are stuck to birding from the balcony. The ever present urban bird, the crow, was the first to get my attention. Their stunning white iris, caught my eye. Never had I seen a raven/crow with white iris!
Well, it turns out that at least five of the Aussie crows/ raven's have white iris. The biggest confusion though comes, when identifying the Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides ), which looks very similar to the Australian Crow / Torresian crow.
One of the very sure shot way of identifying the raven is by its call. The below video shows the call of a raven.

The raven has an arrr arrrr arrrrrrrrrrrrrr call. The last arrrrrrrr is long and stretches to its lung capacity (sounds like a constipating human).
The crow sounds very different from it- more like uk uk.
The raven also has a much more glossy, bluish black feathers and longer feathers around its neck.
Now among Ravens there are more species and hopefully in coming days, I will meet them all.

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