Saturday, June 14, 2014

Indian Blackbird.

Sing a Song of Sixpence
A pocket full of Rye
Four and twenty Blackbirds
Baked in a pie ...

If you remember this nursery rhyme, but have forgotten how a Blackbird looked like, then here is an Indian Blackbird (Turdus simillimus nigropileus ) for you. I was at Lonavala and watching birds eat the fruit from a love apple tree. Somewhere in the corner of my eye I noticed a bird that looked like a Myna and ignored it. Later, when I rigged my camera and had a closer look at the bird, I was in for a pleasant surprise. It was not a Myna !!  It was a Blackbird !! It was the first time I ever saw a blackbird and this one belongs to the nigropileus race. All have distinct eye-ring and patch of orange skin, near the eye. They also have orange legs and feet ( not visible in the photographs). The above is a male, the female being much more browner. 


  1. I remember that rhyme! :) Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Wonderful when we get to spot such natural beauty. I get to see only sparrows, crows & pigeons mostly!

  2. This bird comes to our home everyday. It is aggressive bird. Makes a lot of noise. I once saw two birds literally wrestling for nesting space. Their mates looking on and making loud noise.