Saturday, February 6, 2010

European Nightjar

This European Nightjar or Eurasian Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus) landed on board when my ship was off Italy and I believe it was migrating towards Africa. This is the only species of Nightjar's found in Europe and can migrate all the way up to cape. This nocturnal bird spends most of the daylight hours roosting on ground amidst camouflaged leaves just like this and is difficult to spot. Fortunately for me there are no leaves on board and the bird had to rest on one of the pipelines. I accidentally spotted it and was delighted at the opportunity. My college schedule is making regular postings a bit difficult, should be on track in about a month.
Photo details: 300mm lens ; f/5.4; 1/400sec ; ISO200; Spot metering .


  1. Nightjars~ I had heard of them...what a beauty you got there both in your image and the beauty of this bird...Stay safe~

  2. to be there ready with your camera to catch these little things matter...I had an eye for beauty and details but never got around photographing I have but need to buy a good camera.
    beautiful snap...a little nightjar...not that easy to be are blessed

  3. Nice one!! Lovely whiskers too..

    Nightjar has a sinister mythological connection:

    Goat Sucker!