Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eye of The Tiger

The first time I saw a tiger in the wild, it was a breathtaking experience for me. He was simply majestic and way bigger than what I expected. So calm, composed and relaxed that it sent a chill down my spine, although I was in the safe confines of a well shielded car.
It had such elegance, poise and an aura of royalty that I wondered if any image I captured could do justice to this magnificent beauty!
Of the scores of snapshots I clicked, these are the ones that I loved the best. All close ups of the majestic face. One of my earlier posts, shows the image of a full sized tiger; this time I got a chance to come much more closer and with the aid of a telephoto lens managed to capture close ups. None of the photographs are a crop. However, the photographs are a bit blurred at the edges; an apparent disadvantage of using a telephoto lens and a large aperture.
I can't help gazing at these photographs and wondering, "How can any person be so ruthless and heartless to even consider hunting this stunning beast down? Will we ever get a chance to see a tiger 10 years hence? And finally, the most important of all is am I doing enough to save him?" These questions keep haunting me all the time ever since I have had the opportunity to encounter a tiger in the wild.
Do let me know you views .