Friday, June 27, 2008

Black Crowned Night Heron

Very close to my house in Mangalore; on a revered Banyan tree a group of Night Herons have started nest building. This is the first set of images from that location. Will keep visiting the spot for more photographs of this bird.
For some reason these birds build nests on tress, which are close to busy roads in cities. Any one having any explanation please let me know.
Awaiting all your comments.


  1. I appreciate your love for nature and interest in birds and animals. Very lucky indeed to be living so close to nature.. I am learning from you in the process... Great going!

  2. Delson, I really ejoyed your photos. No clue as to why the herons nest in that way. I looked up the field guide by Grimmett, but no answers there. Keep up the good work. (was told about you by Fr. Vincy D'Souza).
    - Fr. Luke Rodrigues sj