Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mute Swans

For the next few post Ill be showcasing a few British birds. I recently culminated an one month long trip to England, and though I did not equip myself to photograph the wildlife, I could not resist the temptation to photograph the occasional bird that I came across.
These are one of the most common bird's of Britain and found in most of the parks and rivers.
They are called mute because they are not as vocal as the other swans. These birds are really pretty and their courtships are a pretty sight to watch.
All unmarked swans in Britain are owned and protected by the Queen since the 15th Century
Camera: Sony A-350, 200mm , ISO:100 , ( Photographed at Bristol)


  1. Very nice photo.Nicely taken.I love swans.

  2. Wow great pictures I especially like the <3 one :P

  3. Excellent shots Delson. For long, I have wished to set up a photoblog as well, I'm more into sports photography.
    Not really sure if I should as I flickr was better. But looking at ur blog, I really feel I should get over my flickr fantasies. thanks man!